Other Ways Chickens are Treated

In this exhibit, we chose to focus on the primary ways we as a culture treat chickens; however, our list is far from comprehensive. Other ways chickens are exploited include:

—sale and slaughter in live markets, where they may be exposed to the elements without food, water, or shelter;

—experimental use in agricultural, biomedical, genetic, drug, and other research;

—torture and slaughter for various religious rituals in Santeria, Vodou, and other religions;

—use of rooster feathers as hair extensions, fishing lures, and other decorations;

—use as entertainment ranging from organized “Chicken Olympics” and chicken flying contests to arcades where trained chickens are forced to “play basketball,” “play tic-tac-toe” or “dance” on cue. Chickens are often victimized in pranks, perhaps because of their relative accessibility and the cultural association of chickens with foolishness or humor.