Portrait Gallery 51



An unknown bird crashed into my yard on a blistering hot afternoon in July 2012. This bird was bound by its feet with a piece of pink twine. My mom and I removed the twine and let the bird go, as we thought it may be a wild turkey baby. The bird hung around our yard. I sat outside all day watching the bird. I did not want it to be harmed.  I did all of the research I could and came to a conclusion, it was a chicken. I had no experience with chickens so I contacted the Chicken Run Rescue in Minneapolis, MN. They instructed me to catch the chicken and bring it in to them. We did just that. The chicken was named Autumn after me. Autumn was thought to be a hen. As she grew it became apparent that this was not the case and Autumn was indeed a rooster. Autumn was adopted out to a loving home. He has forever changed my life for the better! 



Autumn Carlson


Thomas Carlson