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Bo & Bowser

I rescue roosters, and have been raising chickens for four years.  A friend threw chickens into my room and told me they'd "only be there for two weeks."  I grew up with dogs and lived with a dog trainer for two years prior, so my first reaction to these birds in my space was to train them, as any animals sharing my space would be well-trained, well-mannered, and tame.  

Bo, 3/4 Rhode Island Red, 1/4 barred Plymouth Rock, hatched Thanksgiving Day 2010.  At five months old, I noticed Bo had a strange behaviour - whenever I was upset, he would start squawking, and would stop at nothing to run to me and sit in my lap.  I soon realised that he was alerting to anxiety attacks, so I began training him to be able to go into public.  I bought him a cat harness and taught him to ride the handlebars of my bike so that I could take him with me wherever I went.  When I learned that Bo was a boy, I was determined to keep him regardless of laws against roosters, and today he is so tame and so well-trained that no one minds his company.  He started me on my devotion towards rescuing roosters.

Bowser, bantam Cornish mix, hatched July 7th 2011.  Bowser is small and portable, so he oftentimes gets to go with me to places that my main service animal, Bo, can't go.  Here he accompanied me and a friend to the highland games in Kelso, WA, and like all of my chickens, Bowser has a harness, leash, name tag, and bell, so that I can tell where they are when they're out of sight.  Bowser is a constant companion, sitting in my lap or following me around the yard, and at night he sleeps next to me after sharing a dinner-snack with me, usually a slice of bread or some crackers.


Ky, “The Olympia Chicken Guy”


Bo & Bowser
Elie Hoover
Teddy Anderson