Portrait Gallery 118


Daffi, Georgi, Cotton, Cleo, and Amelia

Daffi, Georgi, Cotton, Cleo, and Amelia enjoy early spring worms in our urban backyard. All of the hens are rescued except Cotton. They came to our family from Animal Place's Rescue Ranch in California. Cotton is a Great Cochin. She brings a gentleness to the peep. Daffy is the most loving hen ever even though humans clipped her beak and planned on killing her after she laid eggs for two years. Daffy loves to sit with everyone in the family. She is unafraid of our three dogs and two cats. Amelia loves to fly. Georgi is shy and seems to feel best when she is near Amelia. Cleo loves to make peeping noises when she finds a worm. Cotton nurtures all of the girls with gentle clucks.

We love our hens. The joy they bring our family cannot be measured.




Jodi Tharan


Daffi, Georgi, Cotton, Cleo, and Amelia