Portrait Gallery 115


Molly, Zoey, and Maddie

This is a photo of my three chicken girls, and my little dog Shania with "Santa" (their vet, Dr. Don Factor). All three of my hens are rescued. My little hen Molly was rescued from a cock fighting ring. She was to be used a breeder, or as "bait". She has a bad leg from an

injury that she received, while in the possession of her captors. My Zoey, due to a hawk attack, suffers from a neurological disability. My little girl Maddie, had been attacked by an owl.

I chose this photo specifically, to show that my girls are not merely "egg laying machines".  They are part of my family. They each exhibit very different and individual personalities. I have received many accolades for giving these rescued hens a home, but the truth is that they have rescued me, and made my house a home.




Dawn Ellsworth


Molly, Zoey, and Maddie