Abbie Rogers, Co-Curator

Abbie Rogers

A lifelong animal lover and advocate, Abbie Rogers is the Collections Manager for the National Museum of Animals & Society.  She graduated from Guilford College with a BA in history and environmental studies in 2009. Her previous museum projects include exhibit design and oral history coordination on behalf of the Guilford College Archive and the Friends Historical Collection. 
After graduating, Abbie worked as the Animal Care Director at an animal sanctuary in upstate New York for about 3 years.  While she had already been vegan for a number of years, this was where she came to know and love chickens and other species of farmed animals. She fell in love with members of other species, but chickens hold a special place in her heart.  She is honored to present this exhibit of this underappreciated species and hopes it will educate the public and help foster respect, appreciation, and compassion for chickens as a species and as individuals. 
Abbie currently resides in Asheville, North Carolina with her partner (a vegan chef) and Beacon the potbellied pig. They plan to add rescued chickens to their family once they move somewhere more rural. Abbie dedicates this exhibit to her chicken friends past and future, and to the billions of chickens who have never known human friendship.